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Manufacturer of production of spare parts TRUCKMAN
The company with 20 - years of experience in the market of spare parts, is specialized in producing, selling and investing in the development of auto parts.

Products «TRUCKMAN» it is good quality, reasonable price and good quality service.

Today, we are focusing efforts to increase the volume of business in the field of Japanese, Korean, German cars. Products «TRUCKMAN» shock absorbers and brake pads are recognized and appreciated by customers.

In order to meet customer requirements of the relevant product quality «TRUCKMAN», in the production set strict standards of internal control. Perfect quality, technological precision, quality raw materials, advanced production and reliability of the production process technology, as well as work to improve the packaging design, it helps to maintain brand image.
brand products «TRUCKMAN» passes rigorous testing during the production process, and has the quality certificates ISO 9001: 2002. Annually manufacturing plants to invest heavily in the most modern equipment.

No. 7 Wenzhu Second Street, Yuquan South Road, Industrial Park, Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xinjiang




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